The Best Non-Toxic Backpacks For School

The Best Non-Toxic Backpacks For Kids Of All Ages Don’t forget to put a non-toxic backpack on your back-to-school shopping list! A non-toxic backpack will lower your children’s exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals like lead, PVC, BPA, PFAS and phthalates. We’ve rounded up a variety of low tox backpacks that are perfect [...]

The Best Non-Toxic Backpacks For School2023-07-21T12:20:09-06:00

The Best PFAS-Free Kids Rain Gear

The Best PFAS-Free, PFC-Free Rain Gear For Kids Send your kids out in the rain with peace of mind that they won’t get soaked and won’t be exposed to harmful PFAS/PFC chemicals from their outdoor gear. We’ve found the best non-toxic, PFAS-free, PFC-free rain jackets, rain pants, rain boots and umbrellas for kids of [...]

The Best PFAS-Free Kids Rain Gear2023-07-24T15:51:06-06:00

Eco-Friendly Dorm Room Essentials

Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Dorm Room Essentials If your teen is heading off to college, load up on eco-friendly dorm room essentials to reduce your plastic waste and your toxin load. From sleeping to studying to organizing to eating, we’ve found the best eco-friendly and non-toxic dorm room essentials to help you green up [...]

Eco-Friendly Dorm Room Essentials2023-07-24T14:46:32-06:00

Non-Toxic School Supplies

Non-Toxic School Supplies + Eco-Friendly Picks It’s time for back-to-school shopping! From markers to erasers to backpacks to pencil cases and beyond, send your child to school with safer school supplies that don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Stock up on non-toxic school supplies with this safe school supply list. Most of the products [...]

Non-Toxic School Supplies2022-08-11T12:55:27-06:00

Stainless Steel Snack Containers

Stainless Steel Snack & Lunch Containers For Kids Ditch plastic baggies and choose stainless steel snack containers for a durable, non-toxic, plastic-free way to eat on-the-go at school. I’ve rounded up the best snack and lunch containers that are free from BPA, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals, and kids of all ages will [...]

Stainless Steel Snack Containers2022-11-20T12:54:33-07:00

Back To School: How To Keep Your Home Germ-Free | Umbel Organics

How To Disinfect Your Home When Kids Go Back To School As a germaphobe, I discuss the best ways to disinfect your home from Covid-19 and other viruses. Once the kids walk through the door after school, there are steps you need to take to keep germs out of your house. I've got [...]

Back To School: How To Keep Your Home Germ-Free | Umbel Organics2022-08-11T12:58:06-06:00

Non-Toxic Lunchboxes

The Best Non-Toxic Lunch Boxes For Kids of Any Age This year, choose back to school lunch gear for your kids that's free from harmful and toxic chemicals like lead, PVC, BPA and phthalates. We've rounded up a variety of safe lunchboxes, lunch bags and stainless steel bentos that are perfect for everyone [...]

Non-Toxic Lunchboxes2022-11-20T12:59:26-07:00
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