Spring Natural Living Favorites

Spring is here and I’m sharing everything I’ve been loving this spring! From things I’m wearing to skincare and clean beauty to yoga accessories, I have a ton of recommendations for natural living that I think you’ll love too!

Spring Flower Scene

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I’m sharing some natural living products that have been making life feel extra special this spring. Even though spring weather can be unpredictable, it’s my favorite season. I love warmth on my shoulders during a walk and little green buds on the trees. Some of these natural living products are brand new discoveries, and others are tried and true standbys.

Spring Women's Clothing

What I’m Wearing This Spring

I definitely live in comfy clothes, and even when I’m out and about, this maxi dress with pockets is comfy yet stylish. Add some necklaces and you’re good to go! I’m drawn to the color green, and this spring I’m adding more of this natural hue to my wardrobe. A friendly reminder to always have a hat handy for extra sun coverage – this hat has extra protection against uv rays.

Spring Clean Beauty Essentials

Clean Beauty Favorites

I love wearing a little bit of makeup every day. Fitglow lip serum is one of my favorite lip gloss brands – it stays in place and the shade “nudie” is just my color. Most of my life I’ve avoided cream blush, but I got a sample of RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in demure, and it embodies spring. It adds a cheerful yet subtle flush to my cheeks. If you haven’t tried Ilia Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint, put it in your cart now! It’s so easy to apply, and the colors are universally flattering.

Natural Living Spring Essentials

Spring Body Care Essentials

I’m constantly testing and trying new natural living products, and the ones below have all come out on top. My teens moved the Griffin Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner into their bathroom, so I ordered more for myself. There are lots of new natural deodorant brands on the market, and I’m always trying new ones.  Smartypits has a sustainable version, and not once did I smell during testing.

Spring Skincare Essentials

Now that the weather is warming up, sunscreen is top priority. I’m a big proponent of zinc oxide in sunscreen, and you can read more about zinc oxide sunscreen here. Some brands of zinc oxide sunscreen leave a white cast on your face, but my top picks won’t make you look like a ghost. I also included 2 body moisturizers to the list that are new to me, and I’m totally impressed!

Spring Yoga Favorites

Yoga Accessories

I challenged myself to 10 minutes of power yoga a day in February and the payoff was huge. I was more toned and felt more centered in my mind. We have 3 non-toxic yoga mats, and my Manduka eKo Yoga Mat is my favorite. You can read more about non-toxic yoga mats and my other top picks here. I also listed some accessories that you may need if you’re just getting started.

Spring Foot Care

Spring Foot Care

I pretty much neglect my feet all winter long, but sandal weather is quickly approaching. To get my dry feet ready for summer, I scrub my heels in the shower and slather on a thick lotion at night. It may seem a little strange to include toe nail clippers, but for anyone who suffers from ingrown toenails, you’ve got to try straight edge nail clippers. My dad the dentist gave me a pair in high school back when I would get ingrown toenails all the time, and this literally solved the problem. I have not had an ingrown toenail since!

Woman gardening outside with trays of flowers for planting