The Best Natural & Sustainable Bar Soap Brands

Natural bar soap is an eco-friendly and non-toxic way to clean up your bathroom routine. These 6 brands of all-natural, non-toxic and organic bar soap are packed with skin nourishing ingredients and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Ditch plastic bottles and get clean with safe and sustainable bar soap.

5 bars of natural soap with oatmeal, coffee beans and leaves

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One of the easiest swaps for safer skincare and sustainability is to replace your body wash with a bar of soap. Bar soap has gotten a bad rap in the past for stripping skin and leaving behind a gunky mess. But not all bar soaps are created equally. I’ve found 6 brands of all-natural, non-toxic and organic bar soap brands that are packed with skin nourishing ingredients and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Natural bar soap is an eco-friendly and non-toxic way to clean up your bath routine.

Are you ready to reduce plastic waste in your home?  Liquid soaps in a plastic bottle require five times more energy during production and 20 times more energy is required for the packaging in plastic bottles. And you’re left with a plastic bottle that you must recycle or dispose of.

Why use all-natural, non-toxic and organic soap? Organic and all-natural soaps are either unscented or scented with pure essential oils. Drugstore soap may contain artificial fragrances, dyes, and additives. Some of these ingredients have been linked with endocrine disruption and other adverse health issues. Here are some ingredients to avoid when shopping for bar soap:

Ingredients To Avoid In Bar Soap

How Is Soap Made?

Bar soap is a chemical reaction between oil, water and lye. Lye, otherwise known as sodium hydroxide, is caustic on its own, but when chemically bonded with oil and water, transforms into soap. Other ingredients may be added to the basic formula to provide additional benefits.

Ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil may be used in the soap recipe for hydrating the skin. Activated charcoal may be added to the soap to draw out oils and dirt if oily skin is an issue. Anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera can be added for calming the skin. Pure essential oils may be added to the basic soap recipe for scent.

Replace your body wash with any of the 6 brands of natural bar soap below for a safer and more sustainable way to get clean.

6 brands of Natural & Sustainable Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Bar Soap

  • Cost: $4.99 for 5 oz ($1.00 per ounce)
  • Scents: Baby Unscented, peppermint, Lavender, Almond, Citrus, Tea Tree, Rose, Eucalyptus
  • My Take: This is a great, long-lasting, budget-friendly bar soap!
  • From the Dr. Bronner’s website: Made with certified fair-trade ingredients and organic U.S.-grown hemp seed oil for a soft, smooth lather that won’t dry your skin. Biodegradable in a 100% post-consumer recycled wrapper.
  • Giving Back: Dr. Bronner’s All-One International is an initiative to ensure that mission-aligned brand activism is a priority for our international partners in countries we distribute to around the world. Dr. Bronner’s also supports of youth programs/charities—boosting lives and communities at home and abroad.
  • Shop: Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Bar Soap

Follian Bar Soap

  • Cost: $9 for 5 oz ($1.80 per ounce)
  • Scent: A calming blend of Bergamot, Tangerine and Lavender oils (synthetic fragrance-free)
  • My Take: I love how long-lasting this soap is, and it has a creamy lather that doesn’t dry out your skin. Both my husband and I love the scent.
  • From the Follian website: RSPO-certified (roundtable on sustainable palm oil), high-lather, moisturizing bar soap deep cleans skin without stripping. Infused with nourishing oils and Shea Butter help replenish hydration lost during cleansing, leaving skin comfortably soft. Doubles as a shave bar (and we also love it for gently cleaning makeup brushes). 100% clean, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, synthetic fragrance-free, & made in the USA.
  • Giving Back: Follian offers Terracycle Zero Waste Boxes in every store. Zero Waste Boxes are Terracycle’s solution for hard-to-recycle waste—like product packaging—that cannot be recycled through regular municipal recycling programs.
  • Shop: Follian Bar Soap

100% Pure Natural Bar Soap

  • Cost: $15 for 4.5 oz ($3.33 per ounce)
  • Scents: Coconut Butter, Mango Butter, Lavender
  • From the 100% Pure Website: Deeply moisturizing, triple milled vegetable soap gently cleanses skin without stripping or drying. Made with rich shea butter, fatty acid rich coconut oil and silky smooth olive oil, this bar soap is a truly decadent treat for skin. This soap’s rich, creamy lather is infused with the scent of sweet, juicy mango.
  • Giving Back: Choose where your donation goes at checkout- 1 order equals one bowl of dog food donated to a shelter or a tree planted.
  • Shop: 100% Pure Natural Bar Soap

Aspen Kay Naturals Bar Soap

  • Cost: $8.98 for 4.5 oz ($2.00 per ounce)
  • Scents: Turmeric, Dead Sea Mud & Charcoal, Aloe Vera & Calendula, Oatmeal Milk & Honey
  • My Take: This soap really moisturizes my skin.
  • From the Aspen Kay website: Made with certified organic aloe vera juice, organic calendula and naturally colored with organic turmeric. Lightly scented with pure essential oils. Made using the cold process method. Gentle enough for sensitive skin. Made by hand in small batches to ensure quality. Not tested on animals.
  • Shop: Aspen Kay Naturals Bar Soap

Primally Pure Baby Goat Milk Bar Soap

  • Cost: $12 for 4 oz ($3.00 per ounce)
  • Scent: Lavender
  • My Take: This soap is great for anyone with sensitive skin- not just babies! Note that it’s not vegan.
  • From the Primally Pure website: This organic goat milk baby soap bar gently and safely cleanses baby’s sensitive skin. Gentle, non-drying ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, calendula, chamomile and lavender to soothe and moisturize while also washing away dirt and grime. All ingredients are organic except for sodium lactate (liquid salt).
  • Shop: Primally Pure Baby Goat Milk Bar Soap

Chagrin Valley Bar Soap

  • Cost: $9.50 for 5.8 oz ($1.64 per ounce)
  • Scents: 36 combinations for every skin type & personal care need
  • From the Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve website: Handmade from scratch, using the cold processed method, one batch at a time – to ensure freshness, consistency, and perfection. Rich, nutritious, moisturizing organic shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and honey create a super moisturizing bar. Fresh, sustainable, cruelty-free, natural and organic ingredients are used to craft wholesome, safe, natural organic, and effective skin and hair care products free from artificial ingredients and synthetic chemicals.
  • Giving Back: Read all about Chagrin Valley’s environmental commitments here.
  • Shop: Chagrin Valley Bar Soap

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natural bar soap with coffee beans and green leaves