The Best Non-Toxic Hose For A Healthy Garden & Yard

Keep your organic garden and outdoor space free from harmful chemicals with a non-toxic hose. We’re sharing our favorite non-toxic, drinking safe garden hose for watering your garden, filling a kiddie pool, hydrating your lawn and so much more!

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Whether you’re watering your garden or filling a kiddie pool, your hose may be inadvertently polluting the water that you’re using on your garden and yard with toxins. Keep your organic garden and outdoor space free from harmful chemicals with a non-toxic hose. Most garden hoses are not drinking water safe, meaning that they contain lead, either in the metal fixtures at the ends or in the hose itself.

A hose containing lead will come labelled with a California Proposition 65 warning that it contains a chemical known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. Aside from lead, there are other harmful chemicals that may be present in your hose, including phthalates, BPA, bromine (associated with flame retardants), PVC and other heavy metals like cadmium and antimony.

A 2016 study, conducted by the Ecology Center, tested 32 garden hoses for contaminants. PVC hoses were the worst offenders, testing positive for phthalates, lead, antimony and bromine.  Did you know that recycled electronic waste is used frequently in PVC hoses? Hoses made with PVC tested positive for high levels of bromine (an indication of brominated flame retardants), lead, antimony, and tin.

Even if you shop around for a PVC-free hose, there are plasticizers like phthalates and BPA that can be present in the hose. The Ecology Center also tested for phthalates in hoses, and found that 30% of the hoses labelled “Drinking Water Safe” tested positive for phthalates. When it comes to safe, non-toxic materials for a garden hose, The Ecology Center recommends purchasing a garden hose made of polyurethane or rubber.

We’re sharing the best non-toxic, drinking safe garden hoses for watering your garden, filling a kiddie pool and hydrating your lawn below:

Water Right Non-Toxic Water Hose

Water Right Drinking Water Safe Hoses

Water Right drinking water safe hoses are drinking water safe garden hoses that are free from BPA, lead, and Phthalates. Water Right uses only 100% virgin polyurethane, and the formulations meet both FDA and NSF standards for drinking water safe applications. Water right doesn’t regrind or recycle resins that can often be contaminated and/or have compromised mechanical properties. The fittings are made from lead-free brass.

Water Right 300 Series Drinking Water Safe Hose: 25, 50, 75 ft; 3/8” inside diameter, extremely light
Water Right 400 Series Drinking Water Safe Hose: 7/16” inside diameter (4 gal/min at 40 psi)- slim, light
Water Right 500 Series Drinking Water Safe Hose: ½” inside diameter (5 gal/min at 40 psi)
Water Right 600 Series Drinking Water Safe Hose: 5/8 ” inside diameter (9 gal/min at 40 psi)
Water Right Drinking Water Safe Soaker Hose: ½” inner diameter- precisely controlled water delivery, consistent water weep from end to end, great flexibility without hose kink, superb lay-flat properties, easy maneuvering, slow root-zone watering.

Aqua Joe Drinking Water Safe Hose– This drinking water safe hose has aluminum fittings and is free of BPA, phthalates, and lead. It is constructed from a rugged, high-density, flexible hybrid-polymer material for maximum durability performance. The hose won’t twist, kink or tangle. The maximum pressure is 450 PSI and it comes in 3, 5, 50, and 100 ft length.

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Lead-Free Hose Nozzles

As mentioned above, lead is added to brass to improve its machinability. I looked high and low for hose nozzles that were lead-free, and found these aluminum hose nozzles:

Bonaire Aluminum Hose Nozzle– This hose nozzle is engineered with aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and comfort-grip soft rubber to withstand years of use. This nozzle is lead-free.

Scotts Spray Nozzle– This soaker, fan and sprayer nozzle is constructed with aluminum and is lead-free and zinc-free.

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