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Raised Garden Beds with leafy greens, beets, and Swiss chard

How To Plan Your Garden Layout

Before you grab your shovel, we’ve got some great advice on planning your garden layout. There are a few things to consider before digging, so read on to discover the best spot in your yard for a garden.

What To Plant In Your Vegetable Garden

Narrow down your options of what to plant in your vegetable garden. From learning what zone you garden in to how much space you have to work with, we’ll walk you through deciding what vegetables are best to plant in your garden.

Garden carrots, red beets, golden beets and squash
Runner beans, clay pots and trowel

Where To Buy Vegetable Seeds

Our six favorite places to order vegetable seeds for our garden. We look for good quality, great selection and low cost.

Building Raised Garden Beds

Growing vegetables in raised garden beds has many benefits. From preventing soil erosion to saving your back, raised garden beds are an efficient and effective way to grow your vegetable garden. How-to video included!

Raised garden bed with carrot leaves, onions, green tomatoes and beans growing up a trellis
Seed starting supplies

How To Start Seeds Indoors

Get ahead of your growing season and start growing your vegetable seeds indoors. Not only does starting seeds indoors extend your growing season, it’s cost effective and offers a wide range of seed varieties to choose from.

Common Seed Starting Problems And How To Fix Them

Starting vegetable seeds indoors is a great way to get a head start on your garden, but seed starting problems can sometimes occur. Learn how to spot the most common seed starting problems and how to resolve them.

Leggy vegetable seedlings near window
Wood slat compost bin near garden with vegetable and flower scraps

How To Make Compost

Make your own compost with kitchen scraps and yard materials. Compost improves the quality of your garden soil and the overall health of the plants in your garden.

How To Build A Garden Trellis

Whether you want to maximize your garden space or keep your plants disease free, a garden trellis is the perfect way to grow vining fruits & vegetables. We’ve got everything you need to know about building a sturdy trellis and the best vegetables for growing on a trellis.

growing cucumbers in the garden, close up
Baskets of heirloom tomatoes

How To Grow Heirloom Tomatoes

From our favorite heirloom varieties to seed starting to harvesting, we share our best tips for growing heirloom tomatoes in your vegetable garden. This comprehensive guide covers all the steps to grow tasty heirloom tomatoes right in your backyard garden!