The 10 Best Non-Toxic Bath Soaks & Bath Salts For Your Bath

Taking a bath is a way to relax and unwind from the stress of everyday life. Depending on what bath soak you use, you may be immersing yourself in a bath full of harmful chemicals. By choosing non-toxic bath salts, your bath will have positive benefits for your health, your skin and your senses.

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I love taking baths to relax and unwind at the end of a long day, especially in the winter. I use essential oil scented bath salts to elevate my bathing experience﹣certain scents are so calming to me, and I love that magnesium salts soothe my sore muscles. 

Popular bath salt brands like Dr. Teals contain fragrance that can hide hundreds of chemicals, and some of those chemicals may be harmful to your health. Some chemicals used in fragrances, such as phthalates, have been linked to hormone disruption. Phthalates are known as endocrine disruptors, meaning they can interfere with the body’s hormonal balance, potentially leading to reproductive and developmental issues. 

Fragrance formulations are often considered trade secrets, meaning manufacturers are not required to disclose the specific ingredients used. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for consumers to know exactly what they are being exposed to and can hinder efforts to identify potentially harmful chemicals.

Avoid bath soaks with ingredients such as DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, and diazolidinyl urea, which release formaldehyde and can be harmful to your health. Ingredients like BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) are synthetic preservatives that have been linked to health concerns. Mineral oil is derived from petroleum and may be contaminated with polyaromatic hydrocarbons, which are also harmful to your health.

Beyond non-toxic bath soaks and salts for grown-ups, babies and kids should also use non-toxic bath products. From non-toxic shampoo to natural bar soap, you don’t want harmful chemicals in your bathing products.

Now that you know what ingredients to avoid, let’s look at why taking baths with the right ingredients is so good for you.

What Health Benefits Can You Get From Taking A Bath?

If you have tense muscles and are feeling stressed, warm water increases blood flow to the skin and muscles, promoting relaxation and reducing feelings of anxiety or tension. 

Taking a bath can promote a sense of well-being and tranquility, especially when you need a break from the stressors of everyday life. It’s the ultimate form of self-care that provides an opportunity to relax, unwind, and recharge. 

If you have trouble sleeping, a warm bath before bedtime can signal to the body that it’s time to wind down and prepare for sleep. The relaxation induced by bathing can help to promote better sleep quality and may even help to alleviate insomnia.

What Ingredients Elevate Your Bath Soak?

  • Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is known for its muscle-relaxing properties and ability to soothe soreness.
  • Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) helps to soften skin and soothe irritation.
  • Oatmeal calms irritated skin and provides gentle exfoliation.
  • Essential oils (such as lavender, chamomile, or eucalyptus) add aromatherapy benefits and can promote relaxation or invigoration depending on the oil used.
  • Coconut oil or other carrier oils moisturize and nourish the skin.
  • Dried herbs or flowers (like rose petals or lavender buds) add fragrance and visual appeal while offering potential skin benefits.
  • Sea salt helps to relax muscles and detoxify the skin.
  • Honey has natural antimicrobial properties and can moisturize the skin.
  • Aloe vera gel soothes irritated skin and helps to retain moisture.
  • Milk (such as coconut or oat milk) adds a luxurious feel to the bath and can help to soften and nourish the skin.

Whether you need to unwind and relax or soak your sore muscles, taking a bath is the perfect form of self-care. I’m sharing 10 brands of non-toxic bath soak and bath salts to elevate your bathing experience.

Rowe Casa Organics Bath Soak

Rowe Casa Organics

Rowe Casa Detox Bath Salts
Cost: $28.99 ($0.83 per ounce)
Highlights: Not only can this powerful detox bath blend pull out impurities and revitalize your skin, it can also help you unwind and destress from your day. Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water anytime you detox. 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate and bentonite clay.
Shop: Rowe Casa Detox Bath Salts

Higher Dose Bath Soak

Higher Dose

Higher Dose Serotonin Soak Salts
Cost: $39 for 32 oz ($1.22 per ounce)
Highlights: Higher Dose uses the purest form of magnesium from the Zechstein Sea, French green clay for skin exfoliation, algae and raw apple cider vinegar to aid in inflammation. They also add their blend of essential oil with turmeric and palo santo to create a luxurious bath that relaxes your mind, soothes your nerves, recovers sore muscles, boosts your mood and recalibrates your system.
Shop: Higher Dose Serotonin Soak Salts

Moon Bath Bath Soak

Moon Bath

Moon Bath Milk & Honey Sea Bath Salts
Cost: $22 for 8 oz ($2.75 per ounce)
Highlights: This relaxing bath soak has healing nutrients from coconut milk, honey and therapeutic minerals sourced from the ancient Sundance Sea. Infused with an intentionally crafted blend of sustainably sourced Frankincense, Lavender and Bergamot essential oils, this delightful element of the bathing ritual transports you to a state of grounded calm, uplifted mind and connected Spirit.
Shop: Moon Bath Milk & Honey Sea Bath Salts

Primally Pure Bath Soak

Primally Pure

Primally Pure Sea Soak
Cost: $32 for 16 oz ($2 per ounce)
Highlights: This sea Soak captures the ocean’s most beneficial elements and delivers them straight to your bathtub. Precious salts and clays relax sore muscles and provide the skin + body with vital minerals. Organic essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and spearmint relax the body and mind.
Shop: Primally Pure Sea Soak

Pursoma Bath Soak


Pursoma Apres Savasana Soak
Cost: $36 for 16 oz ($2.25 per ounce)
Highlights: Elevate your bath to the ultimate feeling of full-body calming and nourishment. Atlantic kelp, organic green algae, and sea salt will make the body feel detoxified while bestowing a nurturing feel and moisturization to the skin.
Shop: Pursoma Apres Savasana Soak. Also Try Pursoma Minerals De Mer Bath, Pursoma Sweat & Rest Soak, Pursoma Digital Detox Soak, Pursoma Hot Tub Soak, Pursoma Resurrection Soak

Vertly Bath Soak


Vertly Muscle Soak Bath Salts
Cost: $24 for 10 oz ($2.40 per ounce)
Highlights: Aid tired muscles and detoxify your skin to help recover after a long day with this soothing, anti-inflammatory blend of Dead Sea Salts, magnesium, slow extracted arnica flower, clary sage and lavender.
Shop: Vertly Muscle Soak Bath Salts. Also try Vertly Restorative Soak Bath Salts

Bathorium bath soak


Bathorium Gentle Touch Bundle
Cost: $32
Highlights: The botanical soak contains luscious coconut milk, soothing oat proteins, and comforting chamomile to nourish skin while gently cleansing. The bath milk that features a soothing blend of coconut milk, colloidal oat, and chamomile- it hydrates and nourishes for happy, soft skin. The bath bomb releases a cascade of orange, rose and ylang ylang essential oils along with skin softening sea salts and hydrating cocoa butter. Coconut milk creates a creamy frothy lather and real rose petals float subtly to the surface, truly creating an escape for mom.
Shop: Bathorium Gentle Touch Bundle. Also try Bathorium Milk Coconut & Vanilla Bath Soak, Bathorium Midnight Superbloom Crush Bath Soak, Bathorium 8-Pack Bath Soak Gift Set

Nature of Things Bath Soak

Nature of Things

Nature of Things Restorative Floral Bath Soak
Cost: $68 for 6 oz ($11.33 per ounce)
Highlights: In this aromatic soak, florals intoxicate the senses while gemstone extracts revitalize and energize. Plumeria, jasmine and vetiver create a heady bouquet while velvety emollients like shea butter and green tea oil surround the skin, replenishing its natural moisture barrier. Inhale, relax and enjoy!
Shop: Nature of Things Restorative Floral Bath Soak. Also try Nature Of Things Skin-Replenishing Vitamin Bath

Herbivore Bath Soak


Herbivore Calm + Detox Soaking Bath Salts
Cost: $40 for 16 oz ($2.50 per ounce)
Highlights: These bath salts infuse bath water with vitamins and minerals. The detox blend is naturally scented with Eucalyptus and Lavender for a cleansing, refreshing aromatherapeutic soaking experience. The calm aromatherapeutic blend of Ylang-Ylang and Vanilla calms the senses for a truly calming bathing experience.
Shop: Herbivore Calm + Detox Soaking Bath Salts. Also try Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak.

Lilfox bath soak


Lilfox Azure Tranquil Blue Aura Soak
Cost: $125 for 17 oz ($7.35 per ounce)
Highlights: Azure, a detoxifying indigo bath salt formulated with an incredible blend of salt minerals, coconut milk, and magnesium crystals to illuminate the skin and spirit. This luxurious combination of salts and minerals deeply soothes dry irritated skin leaving it soft and moisturized while providing anti-inflammatory benefits to relieve muscle tension by acting as a muscle relaxant.
Shop: Lilfox Azure Tranquil Blue Aura Soak

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