Our Best How-To’s & Tips For A Successful Garden

Wood slat compost bin near garden with vegetable and flower scraps

How To Make Compost

Make your own compost with kitchen scraps and yard materials. Compost improves the quality of your garden soil and the overall health of the plants in your garden.

How To Start Seeds Indoors

Get ahead of your growing season and start growing your vegetable seeds indoors. Not only does starting seeds indoors extend your growing season, it’s cost effective and offers a wide range of seed varieties to choose from.

Seed starting supplies
growing cucumbers in the garden, close up

How To Build A Trellis

Whether you want to maximize your garden space or keep your plants disease free, a garden trellis is the perfect way to grow vining fruits & vegetables. We’ve got everything you need to know about building a sturdy trellis and the best vegetables for growing on a trellis.

How To Grow Tomatoes In Containers

Want to know how to grow tomatoes in containers or pots? We share our best tips for planting and caring for tomatoes in containers, pots and fabric grow bags. This year we’re growing dwarf tomatoes—a great option if you have limited garden space, want less maintenance, or just want to grow tomatoes in containers.

cherry tomatoes in garden
Basil in ceramic container outside with oregano in smaller pots

Tips For Growing Herbs In Containers

Grow herbs right out your back door with these simple and easy tips. From sweet basil to aromatic thyme, we’ve got all the details you need to get started now on your container herb garden.

Tips For Growing Tasty Strawberries

Want juicy, flavor-packed organic strawberries straight from your garden? We have the best tips for growing plump and delicious garden strawberries. Find out our favorite variety that’s exceptionally flavorful, is large in size and produces a big yield.

plump, red organic garden strawberries in bowl
Stages of ripening tomatoes on vine

Tips For Harvesting Tomatoes

Are you waiting until your heirloom tomatoes are fully ripened to pick? From avoiding splitting to critter theft, there are many benefits to picking them earlier. Discover the best stage to harvest heirloom tomatoes and when they’re ready to eat.